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Procurement & Shipping Services

Digivilleng is a company well known for the procurement of goods from china, turkey, Dubai e.t.c and shipping from those country to Nigeria at the best affordable prices. We help customers to procure their goods, pay suppliers, warehouse and ship goods from china and other locations to Nigeria.

International procurements of goods: our company deals with all the ecommerce site like alibaba, jd,, taboa, etc. we have agents in china that help make purchase directly from those site and send to Nigeria. Our international services also covers direct negotiation with companies in china for customized goods, or for rebate on prices for bulk purchase.

Local procurement of goods: we further help to procure goods locally from various ecommerce in Nigeria. This has to do with all ecommerce sites in the country and we help in payment facilitation and shipping of goods to various location across the country.

Drop shipping: As one of the leading ecommerce business owner in Nigeria, we have a drop shipping site call Naijasellers where an individual can start up a business of buying and selling without capital.

 How does our naijasellers work? As a drop shipper, you have access to pick any products on the site and advertise them looking for potential buyers, once you see that, you begin a negotiation with the seller and that is all. From here you can make money by owing no products, spend no capital or even take any risk whatsoever. You are just a seller that leverage on available products on the site.

In addition to all this, we offer shipping service to anyone that want to use us to ship their goods from china to Nigeria, the shipping services offers including air cargo and express for light goods and sea shipping for heavy duty goods. Our shipping rates are very affordable and follow the international standard rates.

To be sure we are part of your business, we offer after service where we listen to you for opinions, suggestions and advice, through our help desk and customer care centers. You are part of us and your opinions count in all areas.